Jolian for Governor 2010
Join me in creating a brighter future for all Californians
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Do you feel ignored by the party systems in California? Don't feel like choosing between career politicians and know-nothing actors to administer our beautiful and complex state? I'm here to announce my intentions of running for governor in 2010 as an independent candidate.

I moved to California from New Hampshire in 2006, having finally found a place in our country that understands individual liberty and supports community values. When I arrived in San Francisco, I was an unemployed college-dropout with only a few shreds of ambition lining my wallet. Nearly three years later, I am living a life of beauty, bounty and generosity, and enjoying a first-rate education at Humboldt State University. California has long been, and still remains, a shining beacon of hope for America, embodying the ideals that have so long motivated us to pursue "the Dream."

Add to this mix an economic crisis fabricated by the excesses of Wall Street, and the challenges that face California seem substantial indeed. These may seem imposing hurdles to overcome; yet it is in our darkest hour that we as individuals are driven: to persevere, to support one another, and truly become our better selves.

In January, a new leader will take over the reigns of our nation. President-Elect Obama has high expectations to meet, and it is my personal opinion that he will succeed in charting a fresh course for America, strengthening our nation and restoring its dignity. However, the President alone cannot solve the specific problems our state faces. We must return local control to our cities, towns, counties and villages, and the first step to achieving a true democracy is through systemic change in Sacramento.

I ask for your support not as a partisan, for my aspiration is to further progress and development. Running for such a high-profile office as governor is a demanding task that requires both articulation and practicality from the candidate. I have many proposals for how our state may function more proficiently, more productively, and more purposefully; still, these are but blueprints. Input must come from all levels if we are to make any of these plans reality, as it takes many dedicated and passionate minds to build bridges to the future.

Let us engage a three-layer approach to reforming state government:

  • Prepare. Create panels of experts in all fields, from all backgrounds and positions of influence, to tackle the issues that are in desperate need of attention.
  • Compare. Finalize plans by building consensus between interests to ensure clear benefits for all.
  • Repair. Enlist the support of all Californians in rectifying our state's woes and improving the lives of our entire population.

Please take a moment to consider the 10 generalized points I propose to further California's progress in the twenty-first century. If you agree with any or all of the improvements suggested, I would appreciate whatever support you would be willing to lend. Together, we can restore California to world-class prosperity and prominence.

Thank you for taking an interest in reclaiming your state. Dare to care, and make the world something we can all share.

-Jolian Kangas

A 10 Point Agenda for California
1. Hold weekly meetings with the entire congressional delegation to ensure federal tax dollars being paid by Californians are returned to the state

2. Invest in community development by initiating a program to send unemployed tradesmen and agricultural experts into cities and towns across the state, coordinating efforts at an appropriate local level

3. Restore contaminated and eroded land to use for future development, leaving pristine wildernesses intact

4. Support legislation that would make it a felony to infringe upon a patient's right to access medication; develop a task force to respond to unconstitutional operations conducted by rogue federal agencies

5. Create a timetable for repayment of debt and restoration of a balanced budget to ensure that California quickly returns to a self-sufficient state

6. Create a joint committee with counterparts in Baja California and other North Mexican States to ensure that workers are allowed to travel freely without fear of harassment, while preventing cocaine cartels from expanding their realms of terror by coordinating law enforcement efforts

7. Close tax loopholes that allow major corporations and Hollywood studios to evade their financial responsibilities to the state

8. Increase funding for the CSU system by 12% annually for 4 years

9. Order an immediate return for all California National Guard units serving in Iraq; the cost of not having necessary manpower during natural disasters is too great

10. Offer subsidies to struggling small farmers for a variety of agricultural products that will be subsequently sent to local discount markets or exported; no more fields and silos sitting full of rotting crops while people starve

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